Big Red Cup is an exciting new company based in Adelaide with the aim of providing the public a new service in the exciting world of frozen drinks.

Never before have such a wide range of frozen drink flavours been available all in the one spot for people to choose from. Nor has their ever been a mobile service catering for such a wide range of events to ensure as many people get to experience the Big Red Cup.

In addition to this, Big Red Cup believes it is important to make the product available for private functions such as engagements, birthday parties and other special occasions. By enabling the public to hire our machines, whilst providing our great flavours, the Big Red Cup is satisfying many customers in their home.

Whilst providing our service, we believe its important to ensure that such a new and exciting business is represented by a colourful and dynamic style of branding.

The Big Red Cup is fun, exciting, but most importantly provides a great product and fantastic service to its customers and clients.